My name is Anders Antoft, I'm an 3D artist and Architect

Since I graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts's School of Architecture in 2004, I have been working in the games industry. First with Media Mobsters where I contributed as an environment artist, to their second PC RTS title Paradise City. From 2006-2010 I worked for Zero Point Software, where I was hired as a Lead Artist on the Interstellar Marines franchise. Currently I teach as an External Lecturer at ITU's Games Program in copenhagen and work as a 3D artist/TA for Playdead games.

I am a passionate gamer, and love to work in the diverse, colourful and energetic environment of game development. Working with smaller teams has given me the opportunity to work with most aspects of the art production, which means I have had to do rigging, animation, ragdoll setup, FX, UI, shading, post processing, managing scripted events, coded tools in python/mel, written shaders in CG and basic game code in C#. My strengths are designing and laying out Levels, ensuring architectural consistency, environment modelling and texturing, shading ,rendering and leading creative teams.



I use the following software on a regular basis:

Autodesk Softimage, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Adobe Photoshop, Epic’s Unreal Ed3, Unity3D, Mental Mill, Python, Mel, C#

To a lesser extent, I also frequently use or have frequently used in the past:

Autodesk 3D studio MAX, Autodesk Autocad, Pixologic Zbrush, roadkill, Headus UV Layout, Nevercentre Silo, Rihno3D, Boujou, eyeon Fusion, Autodesk Combustion, dreamweaver, 7days engine, cryengine2


This is what people say about me

"Anders Antoft has been working since April 2006 as a Lead Artist and Environment artist for Zero Point software. Anders was responsible for production and team management, leading a team of 8 experienced artist. During production Anders was responsible for environment assets, shading and rendering, pipeline development and documentation, and being a mentor for the creative processes in the art department. Anders assisted the Art director and helped pushing the high artistic quality, receiving accolades from game publishers such as Microsoft, Atari, and Codemasters. Anders is a strong team player. He has a good intuition for building projects and business models. He was a key person when Zero Point Software had to change strategy and helped making an engine shift from unreal engine to unity and define an alternative release plan. Anders is a loyal and disciplined coworker. He has a strong initiative and is self motivated. I can give Anders my best recommendations."
- Corinna Lundb�k Pedersen, CEO at Zero Point Software

"I had the pleasure of working with Anders at Zero Point Software from 2007-2009. Anders was the main driving force in establishing, enforcing and tweaking all major art pipelines in the production as well as keeping all artists in line with the art direction.
His ability to conceive and communicate an artistic vision makes him a true lead for the artists on the team, while his technical insight makes him a natural bridge builder between the artists and the coders.
He has strong people skills and is a great problem solver. Anders is great at balancing through-the-roof ambitions with the reality of production. He will stay true to the vision, keep his people motivated, and most importantly he will get the job done. "
- Kristian Waneck, Producer at Zero Point Software

"He has a rare combination of artistic and technical ability and also has great understanding of the processes and pipelines of a games production. He is equally at home with role of the lead, stepping back and seeing the big picture and with just getting on with whatever task is at hand and owning that.
Having Anders as a lead was a great experience. He is very good at giving clear direction, at seeing people’s strengths and at giving away responsibility - letting you get on with what you are good at.Anders has great people skills and is just an overall pleasant and really cool guy to be around."
- Sune Kempf, Senior Character TD at Zero Point Software

"Because of Anders´strong ability to adapt and his big interest in games; his ability to balance between the visual and technical restrictions in game development, I am convinced that Anders will be a great asset for any employer. Furthermore , during his time at Media Mobsters, Anders has shown a high standard of personal character, which makes him a good team player."
Kjartan Vidarsson, Producer at Media Mobsters

"Anders has as a devoted student participated in the study environment at the department and through his studies achieved a high level and excellent result.
Through his sketch- and term assignments Anders has shown perseverance, curiosity and very confident architectural judgement. His works are characterized by a very well developed spacial understanding and sense of form. Early this placed Anders among our most competent students."
- Christoffer Harlang, Prof. Royal Academy of Fine Arts

"Anders is an extremely serious and professionally interested student, who's determination and insight has insures him an architectural experience at a highly qualified level, which is above the expected.
Anders is capable of focusing his work. This enables him to create an ambition for learning, and at the same time he consider carefully which media shall be used. Subsequently Anders examines his task in a discussion between intention, experience and instinct. Anders has over and above, a theoretical curiosity and ballast, developed a practical skill, which is impressive.
Apart from this I know Anders as a sympathetic personality, who is always willing to contribute extra, when it is about giving the architecture its specific characteristics."
Jeppe Ecklon, Teacher Royal Academy of Fine Arts

"Anders arbejder altid utroligt samvittighedsfuldt med alle typer opgaver, og evner fornem vis selv at "programmere" og planlægge en opgave, vel som at indgå positivt i den form for teamwork, som er typisk for en arkitekt-tegnestue."
Søren Stærmose, Architecht and owner of StærmoseARK